How NET has helped me and my practice

How NET has helped me and my practice

My Story (in a nutshell)

I was an anxious, sensitive and emotional child (still am at times!), and this feeling seemed to follow me through high school and university. Positive thinking, affirmations and hypnotherapy were introduced to me, which was the start of my personal development journey. I loved these tools, and through my Chiropractic studies and in practice, I was exposed to more and more wonderful healing modalities. One in particular was Kinesiology. One of the key things my practitioner explained to me was that most of my physical and emotional ailments such as gut issues; low confidence and sensitivities were due to underlying subconscious stressors. She introduced me to the power of the subconscious mind, and I had to know more!

Here I was in my first few years in practice, treating people’s physical conditions, with good results, however I knew there had to be more to the puzzle. Stress, nutrition, toxicity; I was missing these pieces. I loved how muscle testing used in Kinesiology worked to find these hidden stressors and I wanted to find something that I could incorporate into my practice to fill the gaps. Then I found NET. This not only took my personal journey to the next level, but also my career in practice. It was an amazing compliment to the treatments I was already receiving with Kinesiology, Chiropractic and various other modalities. I found it empowering to work through my blocks, and noticed myself change. I became less reactive, learnt I was worthy, confident, and deserving of all the things I wanted.

It’s a work in progress; we never really stop learning about ourselves, and there are always new challenges that come up.   However I’ve found NET to be a lifesaver for me personally, during times of stress, anxiety and when I just wanted to give up. I feel this is true for many of my patients too, and I’m so blessed to be a part of their journey.


So what exactly is is NET?

NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) is a mind-body stress-reduction technique that uses muscle testing to help find and remove neurological imbalances related to the physiology of unresolved stress. NET is a tool that helps improve mental and physical health.

There are 4 triggers that can cause ill health to our mind and body:NET copy

  1. Physical = injuries, accidents, slips, falls, poor posture
  2. Chemical = toxins, additives, chemicals used in food production, cigarettes, medications, pollutions
  3. Nutritional = food allergies/sensitivities, lacking nutrients in diet
  4. Stress = upsets, arguments, personal traumas, work pressure, life or career changes

Chiropractic care, homeopathic support, and nutritional advice manage the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd components, and NET is a way to deal with the stress component.

Have you ever felt yourself respond inappropriately to a situation? That you were extra sensitive and emotional in that situation, and when you think back to that event you don’t quite understand why you felt that way? Or perhaps there’s something that you want in life but it’s just not happening for you. Like more job success, to lose weight, to excel in your studies or to be more emotionally stable.

Emotions are completely normal and healthy, but sometimes your body has trouble clearing them, and this may be the reason why you don’t feel quite right.

NET helps to identify and let go of these stuck emotions. NET works with emotional reality, which means the stuck emotions that your body holds may or may not be true, but either way, your body thinks it is.

People used to think that stress was felt primarily in their brain. Now we know that other parts of the body can also reflect a stressful reaction. Have you ever felt “butterflies in your stomach” before a speech? Have you ever felt a “lump in your throat?” Clearly stress happens in our body, not just our brain.


How do we create stuck emotions?

Here’s a classic example of how a physical response can be associated with a memory: Visualize a lemon.

Now, think about cutting into that lemon — smell the lemony scent and see the juice running down the sides of the lemon. Now, squeeze some of the lemon’s juice into your mouth and take a big bite of the lemon. Is your mouth watering? If you’re like most people, it is, and what you’re experiencing is a physiological response to the memory of a lemon. The body’s response to stress works in a similar way. For example a stressful situation at work may bring on neck pain and headaches. Even the thought of work may bring on this pain. This is called a conditioned response.


Another example of a conditioned response could be a phobia: A child is playing with his cat, and initially feels very comfortable and happy with his pet. The child is then scared by a loud noise, which he associates with the cat. The cat alone (without the noise) now elicits fear in the child (conditioned response). The child may now also be afraid of other furry (or somehow similar) things, such as a furry dog, or even the furry beard on Santa Claus! This is known as Stimulus Generalisation.

Thus, if the body was in a low state of resistance at the time of a stressfully charged event and the event is recalled to (conscious/non conscious) memory, this low state of physiological resistance will also be duplicated in the present-day body.

For further information on what happens during an NET treatment, click HERE.

Discover if NET can help you:

Examples of what NET may help with include; headaches, body pains of all types, phobias, general anxiety, self-sabotaging behaviours, organ dysfunctions, stress and much more. It is important to note that NET does not cure or heal the patient. Rather, NET removes blocks to the natural vitality of the body, allowing the body to repair itself.

To get you started, check out the Wellness Check online.  Click HERE.

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