Neuro Emotional Technique

What is NET?

NET stands for Neuro Emotional Technique. This technique aims to normalise the physiology of the stress response in the body.


People used to think that stress was felt primarily in their brain. Now we know that other parts of the body can also reflect a stressful reaction.


Have you noticed a headache come on after a stressful day at work?

Or do you clench your jaw when you’re angry?

Clearly, our stress can have a physical impact on our body.

NET may help with

Chronic or recurrent body pains

Sleep troubles

Digestive discomfort

General anxiety



Low self esteem or self worth

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What happens during an NET treatment?

During a NET treatment, your practitioner will use muscle testing to determine where the stress is in your body.


There are two ways in which NET can make a difference to your health. We call it the mind entry and the body entry modes of NET.


Body Entry

Physical symptoms, which may be influenced by stress. For example: back pain, headaches, digestive issues and muscle spasm.


Mind Entry

Where stress may cause altered behaviors and habits. These include anxious feelings, feelings of anger or fear when they are not appropriate or illogical.


The NET process establishes the stuck (unresolved) stress relating to an original event or experience, by determining weakness in the Patient’s acupuncture meridian system and the body’s response to particular words.


To release the unresolved stress, the Chiropractor will contact, or ask the patient to contact particular body points while the Patient pictures a snapshot of the original event or experience.

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This is a quick and easy questionnaire that will help identify areas of stress in the body and mind.

It is important to note that NET does not cure or heal the patient. Rather, NET removes blocks to the natural vitality of the body, allowing the body to repair itself.


NET loves science… Dr Scott Walker, the founder of NET, established the ONE Research Foundation 20 years ago because he understood NET would need to be substantiated and validated by solid research. To discover some of the exciting research being conducted by the ONE Research foundation, see their website: