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I’ve recently completed studying Functional Nutrition through Changing Habits.  It is an internationally accredited online nutrition course – science-based health care that is built on a vitalistic philosophy of food and nutrition. Study online, anytime, any place and help people transform their health, bodies and life. Includes a 6 week online Applied Business course for graduates that provides the business tools to assist in implementing, starting and growing their businesses.  For more information, click here.


Changing Habits also have an amazing online shop featuring online courses, organic supplements, superfoods and health guides as well as plenty of FREE resources too.  To browse their website, click here.

Find out more on Neuro Emotional Technique and the research being conducted through the ONE Research foundation.

Nourished Life is one of my favourite online shops!  Shop all things natural skin care, makeup, organic beauty as well as great health products.  Nourished Life do all the ingredient checking for you, so you can easily shop all the very best natural skin care, health, wellbeing and beauty products right here in the one place.

Exercise is a pivotal part of enhancing health and improving spinal function.

PXP is an Exercise Physiology clinic specialising in tailored exercise to reach performance or health goals. Beth & Kyle believe that they can help anyone achieve better health, better performance, overcome pain and start living a more fulfilling life.

I strongly recommend this service alongside your Chiropractic care to maintain your healthcare goals.

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