Is chiropractic care safe?

Chiropractors maintain a high standard of education, training and experience with regard to performing spinal adjustments. All chiropractors must undertake continuing professional development to maintain their skills and knowledge of current research. The initial 5 year university course is very similar to that undertaken by the medical profession, there is however a greater emphasis on achieving wellbeing by healthier lifestyles and preventative measures.

There is a significant body of evidence surrounding the efficacy of Chiropractic care1. Over the last 25 years, at least five formal government studies from around the world have found spinal adjustment therapy to be safe, effective and cost-effective2. There are, however, more recent studies that provide a more careful and complete consideration of the safety of neck adjustment. According to these studies, the risk of stroke is actually quite small. Research recently published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal reports the risk at one in 5,000,000 patient treatments3.

What is a chiropractic adjustment?

Chiropractic adjustment is the skill of using a specific force in a precise direction, applied to a joint that is not functioning correctly. This adds motion to the joint, helping the joints to gradually regain more normal motion and function. The purpose of this safe and natural procedure is to permit improved spinal function, improved nervous system function, and improved health. There are many ways to adjust the spine, click here for a list of techniques I use. Click here for further information on the chiropractic adjustment.

How long do I need to see a chiropractor for?

Spinal problems, neglected since early childhood, may require ongoing supportive care for optimum spinal function. These long-standing problems are often associated with muscle weakness, soft tissue damage, and degenerative changes to the spine.

Most patients find that periodic chiropractic checkups help keep them in tip-top shape. Those who are active, have stressful jobs, or want to be their very best, find that a schedule of preventative visits are helpful in the maintenance of good health.

Some patients seek chiropractic care only when their ache or pain becomes unbearable. While this style of “crisis management” is usually more costly and time consuming, chiropractors stand ready to help all patients, regardless of their health goals. How long you decide to benefit from chiropractic care is always up to you.


What is NET?

NET is a mind-body technique that uses a methodology of finding and removing neurological imbalances related to the physiology of unresolved stress. NET is a tool that may help improve many behavioral and physical conditions.  Read more here.

What does a certification in NET mean?

NET is only taught to practitioners who hold a master’s degree or higher in the healing arts and are licensed or governed by a state or national organization that oversees their independent practice. Certified NET Practitioners have taken the time and effort to strive for excellence in becoming an expert in the practice of NET. Certified NET Practitioners maintain their NET-certified status by taking ongoing educational seminars and by following standards set forth by NET.

How does muscle testing work?

Muscle testing does not just measure the pure physical strength that a muscle can produce, but rather how the nervous system controls its muscle functions.

Muscle testing can be used to assess what is functioning abnormally. Testing individual muscles in an accurate manner and determining what is affecting physiological functioning of the body helps to more accurately find out what’s going on.

It has been demonstrated that muscle testing can access the physiology of the body, including the physiology of emotions, and that muscles — which initially test strong in the clear — will test as being inhibited (weaker) when saying a non-congruent statement (as John saying, “My name is Mary”). This dynamic has been scientifically validated by Monti, et. al.