Surviving the Silly Season

Surviving the Silly Season

With the busy end of year season upon us, many people will naturally feel more run down and lethargic, as the stress begins to build.  The Christmas decorations and carols are starting to play at the shops, it’s a nightmare trying to get a car park, and many of us suffer extra pressure at work trying to get things done before the end of the year.


Time can get away from us, and our health can start to suffer.  We might neglect that weekly yoga class, your regular chiropractic adjustment, or opt for takeaway option for dinner.

So here’s my top 5 tips to surviving the silly season:

1.  Avoid the belly bulge!

This is undoubtedly the season of over-indulgence, leaving many of us carrying a few extra kilos. A simple trick to maintaining a healthy diet is to avoid highly processed foods, as they are harder to digest and take longer to breakdown (leading to easier weight gain).  To avoid snacking and boost your digestion, try keeping protein rich foods like almonds or Greek Yogurt on hand.  Try minimise the sugar as much as you can – there’s plenty hiding in the processed “low fat” foods.  Stick the the basics – fresh (organic when you can) vegetables, fruit and grass fed/free range animal protein.  At your christmas party, opt for soda water with your alcoholic beverage rather then sweet cocktails or

2.  Party Plan

The best thing you can do to keep your diet in check during the season of excess is to plan your meals. If you’re heading to a party, try having a healthy snack beforehand to help you resist fatty/sugary finger food. Some great recommendations include a handful of pumpkin seeds/almonds/Brazil nuts, a few dates, veggie sticks with hummus or dried chickpeas.

3.  Effective Recovery

If you have ended up dancing the night away, be sure to restore your body’s energy levels in a healthy natural way. Don’t over-do the caffeine and sugary drinks the next day, and refuel your body with a natural multivitamin and lots of water, and clean foods.  Boost your B vitamins (the main vitamins to be depleted though drinking) by eating a banana, putting some green leafy’s into a smoothie, having poached or a boiled egg (even fried or scrambled with some coconut oil will cure that fatty food craving!)

4. Write a list and check it twice

As December creeps up, now is the perfect time to write a list of who you have to buy presents for. The next step is plan what, when and where to shop. Try to avoid last minute buying, and strategise your shopping so that you can get everything you need in one or two places (or try online shopping so you don’t even have to leave your home!) By putting in some extra, early thought to your gift-giving, you are more likely to end up with gifts that are

5.  Be health conscious

The festive season often places undue strain on our systems, impacting both our emotional and physical health. Avoid sacrificing your health regime and prioritise sleep and exercise, as these are the two simplest ways to be calmer, happier and healthier.  Try keep your regular exercise routine and health appointments – like your regular chiropractic adjustment and/or NET session.  Alleviate the build up of stress in your body and start the new year off on the right foot!


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