Immune Boosting Tips

Immune Boosting Tips

It’s hard to avoid the current viruses going around at the moment, especially if you’re around children!  While we’re coming to the second half of winter and starting to see some sunnier days there are still a few sniffles going around.  Keeping in mind that this time last year we were mostly keeping to ourselves at home; our immune systems weren’t exposed to much.  As we have been (well, I should say “had” as we’re currently in lockdown again ☹️) enjoying being out and about more this year, this does mean we’re exposed a little more to the different bugs lurking around.  So here are my top tips to boost your immune system to help you see out Winter.


  1. Stay rugged up, particularly keeping the neck and lower back covered.
  2. Take the opportunity to slow down and sleep more, appropriate rest is vital during winter. I personally love staying in on a cold night, rugged up on the couch with a cuppa and the fire going.
  3. Eat foods that are slow cooked on low heat such as soups and stews (I’ve been loving my slow cooker – simply set and forget for a nourishing meal).
  4. Foods high in vitamin C and zinc will boost your immune system.  Examples are fruits (citrus, berries, kiwi fruit), and vegetables (broccoli, beetroot, cabbage, carrots).  Have you heard of Camu Camu powder?  This is a natural food source for vitamin C (460 x higher in vitamin C than an orange!).  Garlic, ginger and green tea are also great for the immune system.  Making fresh fruit and vegetable juice is a great idea.  Being exposed to heating more at this time of year means it’s easy to get dehydrated, so opt for herbal teas over coffee to boost your hydration.
  5. Touch base with your practitioner for a check up.  You might notice you’re holding your body more tensely in the cold.  I’ve noticed a few of my clients with tightness around the mid back, ribs and shoulders after suffering from a cough.  As a Chiropractor, my aim is to help ease this tension through adjustments to the spine and massage work, and in turn promote healing.  We also have Chinese Medicine, Naturopathy, Shiatsu and Coaching available at the centre to you to help offer further support.


Of course, there are many other things you can do to help protect you and your family from cold and flus and boost your immune system, however start with implementing one or two of these immune boosting tips and see how you feel.


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