Ladies… Do you have handbag shoulder?

Ladies… Do you have handbag shoulder?

For many women, the habit of carrying your handbag on the same shoulder has lasted many years.  You may not have given any thought to this habit at all.  Given that our handbags are fairly heavy, (no matter how many times we try to downsize, more stuff just keeps getting in!) it can end up placing a significant amount of weight on the shoulder.  You might even notice an indentation on the top of your shoulder – this is not supposed to be there!

The main problem that can arise from this bad habit is it creates an imbalance in your shoulders.  One shoulder will be tilted higher than the other to stop your handbag from slipping down your arm.  The amount of imbalance depends on the weight of your handbag.  Over time, this can start to create problems with your spinal alignment, possibly leading to scoliosis (curvature of the spine).  You might notice your suffering with neck, shoulder, mid back tension and headaches.   This may be due to the muscular strain that ongoing poor posture is creating.


It’s a tricky thing to ask to get rid of the handbag all together, so what can you do to avoid this postural strain?  Whenever possible, carry your handbag  in your hand and exchange sides regularly.  If there are times when you must use your shoulder, at least help lessen the degree of imbalance by switching shoulders.  Try your best to lighten the load of your handbag by removing all non essential items (do you really need a hairbrush, full make-up bag and umbrella in there all the time?).


It may not seem like a big deal, however correcting this habit can help protect your spine and body from unnecessary stress which in turn helps you stay healthy.

If you’ve been struggling with upper body tension or needing any extra advice on postural exercises pop in for a visit and we can work out a care plan for you.

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