2 Minutes of Peace

2 Minutes of Peace

Finding Calm in a Busy Day, an Introduction to Meditation.

Dr Elise Feher – Chiropractor

If you’re anything like me you know the importance of meditation, you just can’t find the time to do it! One of the biggest barriers I came across was having no regular schedule. As our working lives become more flexible, less of us are doing the 9-5, five days a week. This is great for work-life balance but also means routine goes out the window.

I found a really gentle way to ease into a commitment to meditation daily was to start with just 2 minutes, every week day morning. Even when I have to get up at 5.15am I set my timer for 2 minutes, sit, close my eyes and just breathe.

There is no pressure or expectation on me during this time, just me and my breath. Diaphragm or belly breathing is a lovely way to still your mind and gives you something to focus on. To practice this, place your hands just below your rib cage, relax your neck and drop your shoulders and picture inhaling each breath down to the bottom of lungs, completely filling them, pause and then exhale, releasing all your body’s tension with it.

This is a beautiful, calming breath and a peaceful way to start your day.


So where can you find your 2 minutes?

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